stay the course

Originally, I was going to give a little overview of my first week with my #100daysproject, in which I am spending 100 weekdays experimenting with different methods of textile printing. You can see my daily documentation of that here.

But I changed my mind and decided to talk about something a little more fresh on my mind today: Staying the course. 

I guess this topic is not completely unrelated to my #100daysproject. Part of what is so powerful about these types of daily challenges is that they encourage me to stick with something, even on days when I’m not totally feeling it, but know that doing it will be a good thing and get me closer to a bigger goal.

I’ve mentioned before that one of my main goals for 2016 is to make a plan for the entire year, in an attempt to not be so reactive in my business and set milestones for myself. I actually started doing this at the end of 2015 and the impact on my business (and my mindset) was immediate.

Maybe one of the best parts about having a plan of action is having everything laid out for the days when you are feeling a little lost. Or on days when you don’t really feel like working. Or times when you kinda just want to put your brain on autopilot. Or on days when you would rather be watching Netflix (amiright?).

Oh yeah, I’ve been there. 

If you are feeling even a little overwhelmed this month while planning out your 2016, I want to remind you to do one thing: Stay the course.

I know sometimes things seem hard and I know that you want to do so much. Focus on the things you can do right now. Pinpoint the things that make YOU light up, ignore the shoulds, and make a plan that allows you to chip away at it day by day, little by little so you can continue to build on a  phenomenal body of work. 

Give yourself a few daily, weekly, and monthly task guidelines so that on the days when you just don’t feel up to it, whatever “it” is, you have a plan in place so you can do the work even when it feels like work and you feel a bit lost and uninspired.

We all have those days, even when we know that being our own boss should be the best thing ever. The reality is, some days being the one calling the shots is hard (and some days it really is the best thing ever). You’re allowed to have slow days, but stay the course and don’t let those days affect the ones following them.