You Are Whatever You Want to Be

It’s time to cut to the chase: you are exactly what you want to be.

One of my main struggles when venturing into the world of solo-preneurship was battling the little voice inside of me that was convinced that I was not good enough to pull off this artist thing.

I was coming from a background in architecture, a career that I had already worked so hard to be a part of, and felt the need to prove that I was serious and professional. And responsible.

Art felt so...indulgent. It simply didn’t fit the criteria I had laid out for My Big Badass Career. It wasn’t impressive enough, even though I was endlessly enamored with other artists and designers that were making a name for themselves and building a life around the things they loved.

So I struggled, for a while, to come to terms with the fact that my dream career could in fact become a reality.

But once I decided to be what I wanted to be and let myself believe it, I was off. I went from hardly ever talking about my “side gig” to telling everyone I met about the things I was (am) doing.

I’m not going to lie: sometimes it’s still hard to find a confident voice when talking about my passions. Some people immediately understand what I do. Others start to ask questions after I have given my 10 second pitch. It’s intimidating! But they are curious. I used to see it as skepticism (maybe it is?). But now I realize that a lot of people just want to know what the hell I do.

No Biggie.